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Let Dan Platter, a Certified Mediator, facilitate A negotiated resolution to your dispute.

Why Litigate, When you can Mediate

Why Mediate? There are many advantages to mediating a dispute as opposed to going to Court:

What is Mediation? It is a confidential process in which you and the person with whom you have a dispute seek to resolve the dispute through discussion and negotiation with the mediator facilitating the process. In this setting, Dan Platter as mediator does not represent either party as an attorney, and does not provide any legal advice. In this context, the mediator is not a decision maker. The Mediator helps the parties come to their own solutions.

  •  The parties have control over the outcome with an agreed solution.

  •  The cost of mediation is a fraction of the cost for litigation

  •  The mediation process affords resolution much faster than litigation.

At Dan Platter, Attorney at Law, flexible scheduling allows you to request an after-hours appointment if you can't meet during regular business hours.



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Dan Platter offers mediation services in the following areas:

  •  Divorce

  •  Child Custody

  •  Parenting Plans

  •  Child Support

  •  Probate/Estate Administration disputes

  •  Real Estate disputes

  •  Property disputes