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Estate planning

Handle the difficult decisions for your family

Get the piece-of-mind from knowing you have planned for the future.

Dan Platter can help you address your Estate Planning or Estate Administration needs:

No one likes to think about their mortality or to Think there will be a time when they can’t handle their own affairs. But pierce of mind comes from knowing that you have made a plan to ensure that your wishes will be carried out.


You can avoid leaving difficult decisions and legal complications falling on your loved ones to handle by addressing your Estate Planning needs now.


If you have experienced the death of a family member, friend Or loved one, and have questions about the property And debts they left behind, Dan Platter can provide answers.

  •  Wills

  •  Trusts

  •  Community property agreements

  •  Powers of attorney

  •  Living wills (health care directive)

  •  Will contests

Dan Platter understands your attorney can be difficult to fit in your schedule. Get your will done on your time with our after hours appointments.



Call now to schedule your initial 30-minute consultation for only $50!


  •  Estate administration with a will

  •  Estate administration with no will

  •  Probate

  •  Valid and invalid claims

  •  Asset transfers — avoid probate

  •  Large and small estates